2016 Shropshire WI show schedule

The show will be held in the Dingle Marquee at The Shrewsbury Flower Show, 12 & 13 August 2016

If you are interested in taking part please let our President, Marian know.  Any member can be part of an exhibit, be it an individual class or a co-operative class.  We also need members who are inovative, i.e. have ideas that can be brought towards a co-operative exhibit.  We need members who can help set up at the Flower show, and members who just want to help in otherways we haven't thought of !

reminder - Don't forget all exhibits must follow the advice in the WI publication 'On with the Show'.  Marian may have the latest FLBWI copy.

It is also available for purchase from the County office or http://www.witraining.org.uk/




2016 WI county show schedule

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