2015 Meetings & events

There is a simple format to our meetings - we start at 7.30pm prompt with Frankwell WI and County news and events, next there may be a speaker or discussion, or as in the May meeting, our annual show of work.  (The Have a go show)!

 Members take part in a competition during the meeting, where they display an item brought with them - one which is usually linked with the speakers topic.  The competition is judged by members placing one silver coin next to the one item of their choice (just like a vote), and the money is donated to a charity.  

We also have a craft table where members displays their projects and skills.  

As is the tradition with the WI, tea or coffee and of course some tempting delicious cake is on offer!

Note to members: If you are on the refreshment rota for a meeting, please be at the hall by 7pm. 

If you have any questions about our meetings or just want a chat about Frankwell Little Boro' WI, please don't hesitate to contact us by using the contact form on our site.

This website is also a members notice board - please contact Web manager, Christine if there is a WI event you'd like members to hear about.  

Tuesday 6 January

The Rubbish Diet  - Speaker Alison Thomas



Competition - 'my New Year Resolution'

Refreshments: Val H, Nadine J, Sally J

Vote of thanks: Pauline H

Tuesday 13 January

Members coffee morning at The Siverton - a hotel in Frankwell.

The usual venue at Theatre Severn is closed for the day

Tuesday 3 February

Hearing Dogs and Deafness - speaker Tom Kane .  

2012  Desmond Wilcox Volunteer of the Year, Tom Kane – along with his hearing dog Nevis – have both been doing just that for many years, with Tom even saying that Nevis has become the 'pin up for most Shropshire Women’s Institute groups'.

Tom and Nevis saw off competition from dozens of other volunteers from across the country to be named winners and following the pair’s amazing commitment to promoting the work of Hearing Dogs for Deaf People across Shropshire and beyond.

Nevis was partnered with Tom in 2003 and for almost a decade, they have taken it upon themselves to spread the word of the Charity that changed Tom’s life.

 see Tom on Youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IECOhBGgVQA

Competition - 'A shaggy dog taile

Refreshments - Wendy AJ, Gwen J, Wyn B

Vote of thanks - Jacqui Wood

Saturday 31 January

Members coffee morning at Carol P's house - from 11am

Tuesday 10 February

Coffee morning at the Silverton, Frankwell 10.30am until approx. midday.  Members and friends meet up for a chat.  

Tuesday 3 March

Speaker Beryl Mound "Macular Degeneration"  


Competition - 'Silliest fun glasses'

Refreshments - tba

Vote of thanks - Debbie R

Tuesday 10 March

Members coffee morning at the Silverton   Hotel Frankwell.  10.30am - till approx midday.  Car park available at rear

Tuesday 7 April

Speaker,author and teacher, Barbara Maitra "Passage to India"

Competition - Prettiest silk scarf

Refreshments - Penny T, Jackie C, Audra J

Vote of thanks - Carol P

Tuesday 14 April

Coffee morning  10.30am Theatre Severn.  Entrance through stage door if main doors not open

Thursday 23 April

East Shrewsbury group meeting at Cressage. Members ticket only event

Tuesday 28 April

Have a go at golf

Members only event. Contact Christine G

Head Golf Proffessional Phil Toomer will take on the challenge of coaching FLB WI at Shrewsbury Driving Range  at Telford Way, Shrewsbury SY2 5XQ

Coaching from 6.30pm - 7.30pm . Bucks Head, Frankwell, afterwards




Tuesday 5 May

'Have a go show' - annual show of work and skills by Frankwell WI members.

See pix for this show on a separate page on the menu under 2015

 The schedule for the show is on our website under '2105 Have a go show schedule'

Discussion of Resolutions

Refreshments - Carol P, Jane B, Sally J, & Sally S

May have been subject to change. Please check

Tuesday 12 May

Coffee morning Theatre Severn 10.30am

Tuesday 2 June

WI Centenary Garden Party Buckingham Palace 

WI member from each of the UK institutes are invited to a garden party in the presence of  The Duchess of Cornwall

Tuesday 2 June

'The work of Street Pastors' - speaker Steve Jones

Shrewsbury Street Pastors started when the local Police and Shropshire Council approached the local Churches and asked if they could launch a scheme with the aim of making the town centre a safer place for people to enjoy themselves over the weekend.There are 28 volunteer Street Pastors from eleven different Churches with more than 20 Churches supporting in different ways.A Street Pastor is someone who makes themselves available to help people who have become vulnerable in the evening.  This may be through the effects of alcohol, or drugs, or relational difficulty and emotional distress.Street Pastors help people get home safe, getting them back in touch with their friends and providing things like space blankets to keep warm, water to re-hydrate or flip flops if they can no longer walk in high heels.

They are linked by radio with the emergency services, the door staff and the town’s CCTV system.  Sometimes people need a bit of help but they have not committed a crime and do not need medical attention.  Street Pastors  want to keep it that way.

website http://www.shrewsbury.streetpastors.org.uk

Competition - A decorated flip flop

Refreshments - Carol W, Susan VG, Jacqui W

Vote of thanks - Carol P



Tuesday 9 June

Coffee morning Theatre Severn 10.30am

Tuesday 16 June

Members meet for a homemade curry at Marians.  

Thursday 18 June

Meet at Lion Hotel Wyle Cop - from 7pm members drinks & chat

Thursday 2 July

Have a go at tap dancing, lead by an expert! Organised by County £6 at Mereside school 7.30pm.  

Photos on a separate page - see the 2015 menu

Tuesday 7 July

Writer and Speaker Judy Arliss - 'My life as a Nun'


Friday 10 July

Coffee morning fund raiser at Christine's

Wednesday 15 July

Visit to Longnor Hall, Atcham.  Longner Hall is a Grade I listed country house in Longner, Shropshire, England, some 2 miles south-east of Shrewsbury in the civil parish of Atcham

Contact for members is organiser Carol P

Pix of this visit are on the 2015 pix page


members contact organiser Carol P

Thursday 23 July


Meet at Lion Hotel Wyle Cop - from 7pm members drinks & chat



Sunday 2 August

Afternoon tea and garden party at Carol P's.  Bring out the china cups & saucers, wear your posh frock and hat.  Bring and share food.


Tuesday 4 August

No meeting during August - but lots of social events including this evening!

Tues 4 August

An evening meal at Loch Fyne and Boat trip after on The Sabrina. Members to contact Deborah R.

Tuesday 11 August

Members are invited to tour the new student accommodation, Mardol House.  Contact Jackie C

Thursday 20 August

Meet at Lion Hotel Wyle Cop - from 7pm members & friends drinks & chat

Tuesday 1 Sept

Christine Smith  (from Shrewsbury Darwin Rotary Club) - speaking about 'Dementia Awareness'.

Five things you should know about dementia:

It's not a natural part of ageing.  Its caused by diseases of the brain - most common is Alzheimers. It's not just about losing your memory - it can affect thinking, communication and every day tasks.  Its possible to live well with dementia.  There's more to a person than the dementia.

Darwin Rotary Club hope that Shrewsbury will become a Dementia Friendly town.

Become aDementia Friend.  Please go to dementiafriends.org.uk and log on. Enter DementiaFriend123 and follow the links on the left hand side to inform them of your action.


Visitors/prospective members welcome at 7.15 for 7.30 meeting

Competition 'A favourite childhood memory'

refreshments Rachel V, Jane A, Rosanna L

Vote of thanks Carol W & meeters & greeters Carol W, Susan VG

Tuesday 8 September

Meet at Theatre Severn .  Anytime from 10am coffee & chat. Breakfast menu now available

Tuesday 6 October

The Community Uke band

Visitors & prospective members welcome from 7.15 to start meeting at 7.30 - prior to Community Uke

Community Uke is a growing group of people who enjoy making music through the simplicity and purity of the ukulele. In only a year the group has grown to over 40 members of all ages and abilities, but with one common thread – they all like to have fun playing a musical instrument! From 16 years old upwards (some younger if attending with a responsible adult) they welcome enthusiastic beginners and help them to gain the confidence to enjoy participating in larger group sessions..

If you want more details give them an electronic shout on info@communityuke.org.uk, or @communityuke on Twitter. Or just turn up on a Wednesday at the Horseshoes PH Pontesbury

See them on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/communityuke?fref=ts

Competition for members - 'An Autumn photo'

Refreshments - Debbie R, Julie N, Jackie C

Vote of thanks - Jackie C, Meeters & Greeters Carol W & Susan VG

Tues 13 Oct

Theatre Severn from 10am in restaurant.  Coffee & chat

Tuesday 3 November

It's our AGM! Also the usual monthly meeting buisiness agenda 

Time to vote for your committee. Nominations for committee welcome.

Also an opportunity to find our more about members!  Be prepared to laugh.......

Visitors and prospective members welcome at 7.15 for 7.30 meeting start

refreshments -  Jill Bliss & 2 ANothers

vote of thanks - Carol W

meeters & greeters to be confirmed


28 Nov - Tour of Prison

Members have an opportunity to visit The Dana, Shrewsbury's prison.  A guided tour - see Margaret B

Tuesday 1 December

'Brass tubes & pipes at Christmas' with Cecil & Ruth Haywood

read about Cecil - http://www.randombrass.com/cecil-heywood-full-biog/

members competition - 'My Christmas Wish'

refreshments - Nadine J, Carol W, Christine G

Vote of thanks - Sally J, meeters & greeters to be confirmed

Thurs 3 Dec members social

Members social drinks at the Lion Hotel 7.30pm onwards

Tuesday 8 Dec Coffee & chat

Coffee & chat at the restaurant, Theatre Severn

Wed 16 Dec members event

Members event - Christmas meal at Theatre Severn - Jane B organiser