Frankwell Little Boro' WI Diary Dates 2013

Visiting members of other Wi's and prospective members are assured of a warm welcome to our monthly meetings.  New members and visitors are requested to arrive at the meeting before 7.15pm to sign in.  Our meeters and greeters will introduce you to Frankwell WI members and you will have an opportunity to ask questions and to browse through our past events photo gallery.  Don't worry if you're on your own - there's always someone here to make you feel welcome!

There is a simple format to our meetings - we start at 7.30pm prompt with Frankwell WI and County news and events, next there may be a speaker or discussion, or as in the May meeting, our annual show of work.  (The Have a go show)!  Members take part in a competition during the meeting, where they display an item brought with them - one which is usually linked with the speakers topic.  The competition is judged by members placing one silver coin next to the one item of their choice (just like a vote), and the money is donated to a charity.  

As is the tradition with the WI, tea or coffee and of course some tempting delicious cake is on offer!

Note to members: If you are on the refreshment rota for a meeting, please be at the hall by 7pm. 

If you have any questions about our meetings or just want a chat about Frankwell Little Boro' WI, please don't hesitate to contact us by using the contact form on our site.




2013 meetings and events

Members are invited to suggest speakers for our meetings and for events thoughout the year.  Willing volunteers to organise events are especially welcome.

View our gallery pages to see the photos for events.

Please note: On occasions, info on speakers and talks are provided by third party sources.  We do our best to keep the information current, however we apolgise should details not be as shown.

Tues 8 Jan - Shropshire cheese co.

Please note the date is the 8 January for our first meeting of 2013

Robert Eyres from the award winning Shropshire Cheese Company will be our speaker this month

Competition: Favourite recipe with cheese - written down please, not baked!




Tues 15 Jan - coffee morning

11am Theatre Severn

Thursday 25 January

7pm Lion Hotel - get together for members held monthly.  Meet in the bar

Tuesday 5 February - monthly meeting

Janet Boult will speak on 'Travels in India'

Members competition: 'An Indian artefact'

Definition of an artefact

 'An object made by a human being, typically an item of cultural or historical interest'





Tuesday 12 February - Coffee Morning

Meet at 11am, at the coffee shop at Theatre Severn.  Interested in joining the WI, why not come along and have a chat with some of our members.  We chat until our cups are dry and our voices won't go any more.  

Tuesday 5th March - monthly meeting

Speaker Lin Foley - 'What do you think Relate Does?

Competition - best advice received


Tuesday 2 April - Monthly meeting

J R Williams talks about 'The lighter side of a funeral director'

Group competition to be confirmed

Tuesday 7 May - Monthly Meeting

discussion of WI resolutions

Members stage the 3rd 'Have a go show' a exhibition of crafts, floral art and all things creative.

Photo shows awards presented to WI exhibitors at the flower show



Tuesday 14th May - Coffee morning at Theatre Severn

Why not join us for coffee Tuesday 14th May 2013, at Theatre Severn from 11pm.  Old and new members welcome.


Thursday 23rd May 2013

Coffee evening at The Lion Hotel.  Why not join us for coffee or something strongerat the Lion Hotel from 7pm.  All will be very welcome.

Tuesday 4 June - monthly meeting

Vet Hendrick Farenholt speaks about 'Tails and Tales - Life as a vet'

Vet Hendrik is from the Animal Health Centre, Shrewsbury

Competition - Favourite animal stuffed toy



Tuesday 11th June 2013 - Coffee morning at Theatre Severn

Old and new members alike, why not join us for a cup of tea or coffee at Theatre Severn, from 11am.  Everyone will be welcome including new members or anyone who would like to know about our friendly WI group

Thursday 20th June 2013, Coffee evening

Coffee evening at the Lion Hotel.  Meet up with us from 7pm for a cuppa or something a little stronger and lots of gossip

Tuesday 2 July - monthly meeting

Belly dancing with Cherie Jerrard

Competition- decorate a belt



Tuesday 9th July 2013 - Coffee morning at Theatre Severn

Are you interested in joining a WI or are you already a member at Frankwell Little Boro.  Come along for a social cuppa at Theatre Severn from 11am.  Everyone will be welcomed.

Thursday 25th July 2013 - Coffee evening

Meet up for a coffee or something a little stronger at the Lion Hotel from 7pm.  Everyone will  be welcome

No meeting in August

No meeting is held in August 

Tuesday 3 September - monthly meeting

'Working in National Trust Gardens' with speaker Kristian Booth

Competition: garden flowers in a jug

Tuesday 1 October - monthly meeting

Christmas quilting and patchwork with Catherine Galliers

Competition: Handmade Xmas decoration

Tuesday 5 November - AGM

Our AGM where we vote for committee

Also - 'snippets from my life - members stories

No competition


Tuesday 3 December - monthly meeting

Christmas sing-a-long with Sue Watkins

Competition - plate of decorated mince pies