'Have a go show' 2013   

The schedule

All exhibits in the 4 classes must be linked with the show theme of 'Music'

Judges & show stewards to be announced asap

For schedule queries please contact a member of the show committee

All entry forms must be put on President’s table at

April meeting on 02.04.13.  Handmade forms accepted.

The WI handbook ‘On with the Show’ has been written for exhibitors, judges and show stewards.  It is an invaluable guide, whatever your involvement in show work.  It is available to view on the WI Moodle or a hard copy will be made available asap.


Entrants Name:

Class 1 Cookery

Class 2 Photography

Class 3 Floral art

Class 4 Craft

The aim of this years show is to encourage all members to exhibit – whatever your level of expertise, and to give everyone the experience of exhibiting at a show


1 shortcrust pastry based syrup tart. Maximum 20.5cms diameter base.  Shop brought pastry permitted.  Must be turned out onto a Maximum diameter 25.5cms plate

Must be covered e.g. cling film or similar. 

Pre heat the oven gas mark 7, 220c, fan 200c

for the pastry 

200g plain flour

50g butter or marg

50g lard 

a pinch of salt

water to mix (about 3 - 4 tablespoons)

Put the flour in a bowl with a pinch of salt and add the butter and lard, rub the fat into the flour to make breadcrumbs. Make a well in the centre and add the water, and mix to form a ball of paste.

Line 20cms flan ring with the pastry and prick the bottom with a fork. The pastry needs to be about 3mm thick. Cut off any surplus pastry.

for the syrupy bit      

200g syrup 

50g white breadcrumbs 

3 drops of lemon juice, 1 tablespoon water

Warm the syrup in a saucepan, when warm add the lemon juice, water and breadcrumbs and mix. Pour into the pastry case and bake in the oven for 20 minutes or until cooked.

Maximum marks for this class: 20

 External appearance 4

 Internal condition 4

 Flavour/aroma 12


Must be linked to the theme of ‘Music’

1 item of photography, to be mounted 

MAXIMUM size of mount 29.7cms x 42cms (A3)

Photo may be any size to suit mount.

To be displayed flat on a table in order of arrival at hall.

Maximum marks for this class:20

 Interpretation – 7 points

 Technical quality – 5 points

 Composition – 5 points

 Presentation – 3 points

Points to bear in mind

 Eye appeal (focal point)

 Colour

 Perspective

 Balance & composition

 Presentation


Must be linked to the theme of ‘Music’

An exhibit of fresh plant material of your own choice.  Up to 3 stems of fresh floral material permitted. Accessories permitted.  Use of artificial plant material NOT permitted. 

To be displayed on an allocated table space 60cms x 60cms.  Maximum height 90cms.  May be brought to show ready assembled or arranged in situ. To be viewed from all angles.


 Interpretation 3

 Colour harmony 3

 Design, balance, proportion, space, form, texture 6

 Suitability of plant material 3

 Suitability of other components 3

 Presentation and distinction 2


1 craft item. Must be linked to the theme of ‘Music’

Maximum 25cms x 25cms x 30cms height.

No staging required.

To be displayed on an allocated table space

Maximum marks for this class: 20

Design & use of colour 5

Suitability of materials 3

Techniques and workmanship 9

Finish and presentation 3

 No entry fee

 All entry forms MUST be put on Presidents table at April meeting on 02.04.13

 Competition open to Frankwell WI members

 Exhibits must be members own work

 Only one exhibit per class allowed

 You MUST link your exhibit with the show theme of ‘Music’

 Exhibits must be brought to the hall between 6.30pm – 7.00pm 

 Late exhibits will NOT be accepted

 On arrival collect your exhibitor’s card from steward.  Stewards will indicate where you exhibit your entry.  Place completed card UNDER exhibit

 Allow plenty of time to stage your entry

 Exhibits MUST be staged by 7.15pm

 Ask a Steward if you need help

 Judging at 7.30pm prompt

 Exhibits to be judged in accordance with WI criteria ‘On With the Show’

 The judges decision will be final

 The judges will be pleased to give feedback and tips for your next show after the prize giving

 All exhibits must be removed by member at end of show

 Please assist the committee to put tables & chairs away – but not until requested.  Hire of hall till 10pm